The New Endoscpy Cart: Professional Designed for Hospital

Editor:tanghuiru     Time:2020-03-24

                        Endoscope Workstation Trolley



Product Description


Special design for anesthesia and endoscope room, heavy duty for place various units, camera, light source, insufflator, monitor etc.

* Made of high quality materials and meets the international standard, fine-looking and durable;

* With 4 universal casters, the cart is easy to move and stop even when the cart is fully loaded.

* Columns are made of high quality  aluminum alloy with high strength, plates are made of sheet metal parts, both processed by acid pickling, secondary phosphating, static plastic spraying, then baking in constant temperature, so the surface layers are coated brightly and firmly.

* Shelf surface with all-round safety edge, for additional slide-off protection of devices

* ABS engineering plastic is used at plate corner for the nice appearance.

*3 layers and a drawer, the height of each layer can be adjusted by threaded hole reserved.

* Layers and layer height adjustable, Proposal load 20kg/Layer.

*  Optional    2*holder for monitor .


Specification of Product

Model                                                               TR900C

Brand                                                               CORITON

Screen bracket                                             Max load10kg

Table                                                                 Max load15kg

Screen arm and probe                             holder Optional

height                                                               235mm

Trolley top to grand                                  height1354mm

Caster                                                               4‘’ (all with breakers )

Material                                                               Aluminum 、 steel plate 、ABS/PC

Package                                                               (Assembled)1470*770*620mm

Package Weight                                                      28kg

Package                                                                 ( Not Assembled) 1420*760*315mm

Package Weight                                                         5kg

Trolley Net Weight                                                    30kg